grand-rapids-whitewaterJuly 21st was a big day for West Michigan and its nonprofit organization, Grand Rapids Whitewater, whose co-founder, Chris Muller, announced the hiring of Richard Bishop as its new president and CEO.  Bishop was selected due to his career history and his restoration experiences while working with two dam removals; left from the cotton mill era, located on the Chattahoochee River. Mr. Bishop begins working in Grand Rapids on August 1st and his mission here is to improve local dams, restore rocks and shoals to the riverbeds and make our great city even greater.

This project will enhance the river for local recreation uses, provide opportunities for economic growth, through both land development and tourism and best of all, improve conditions for river habitat and fishing.

Once this project is completed, it has been estimated that between 15 million and 19 million dollars per year will be generated due to this beautiful and functional economic stimulation.